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REGGI’S is a family run restaurant, offering an excellent menu of slow-cooked Hickory Pit SOUTHERN cuisine, and warm hospitality in the beautiful new Parkstone Place in Jackson, TN. Reggi’s BBQ is the best place to buy Pork, Chicken or Beef. Chef Reggi majored in Culinary Art (That’s Cooking) at the prestigious University of High on the Hog. He earned his Doctorate in Porkology and went on to become the Supreme Master of the Grill. Since graduation, he’s earned over 28 years of cooking experience, which all started down in the Mississippi Delta! Every Hog, Cow, or Chicken he uses must carry a Donor Card which states its TEST of APPROVAL before he even considers grilling it.



REGGI’S has the secret to help you become a grill-master! No matter what your taste, Reggi’s has an award winning BBQ Sauce for you! Stop by our BBQ restaurant in Jackson Tennessee and pick up a bottle of our special home made BBQ Sauce; made with Chef Reggi’s family recipe. You won’t find this unique taste anywhere else but here in Jackson, TN! Flavors are available in BBQ Sauce: Mild, Hot, and Medium Hot. We also offer the following Wing Sauces: Regular Hot, Suicide Hot, Inferno Hot, Honey BBQ, Mild BBQ, Hot BBQ, Lemon pepper, and Dry Season. Shipping is also available for our award winning BBQ and Buffalo Wing Sauce!


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(731) 660-8600

292 Parkstone Place
Jackson, TN 38305


Tues – Sat 11:00am – 7:00pm